The King said: Again, my son you are correct! Christ rose from the dead early Saturday (Sabbath) morning just before sunrise.

I may as well be honest with you on this subject. I think you already know anyway.

Let me start in the beginning. In January of 1604, I called the Hampton Court Conference “for the hearing, and for the determining, things pretended to be amiss in the church.” Actually, the Puritans had pressured me to call this conference.

I told the Court that I had never seen a well translated Bible in the English Language, and of the many English translations that we have, the Geneva Bible was the worst. Of course, that did not set well with the four Puritan divines that were among our group. As you may, or may not know, the Puritans thought the Geneva Bible was infallible, they rejected all other versions, including my Authorized Version after it was finished. In fact my Version was the straw that broke the camel’s back between the Puritans and the Crown of England.

The Puritans were a thorn in my flesh. I was glad when they all left England. They wanted to purify the Church of England by eliminating every shred of Catholic influence. They even wanted to outlaw Christmas! They said, “The early Christians did not celebrate Christ’s birthday because they believed the celebrating of anyone’s birthday was a heathen custom.” They told the truth because you may still find the above quote in most modern encyclopedias under the subject matter of Christmas.

As you are aware, the world was just trying to emerge from the “Dark ages,” a time of religious struggle between Protestants and Catholics. We Protestants regarded this time as a period of Catholic corruption. We rejected most of the ways of the Catholic Church with its papal doctrines and hierarchy but we loved her Sunday worship services over the Sabbath, her Easter celebrations we favored over Passover, and her Christmas parties we simply adored. At the Hampton Court Conference, I nominated forty-seven learned men for the task of translating the scriptures but I made fifteen general rules for them to follow.

I will just mention three of those rules. You may go to “A Brief History of the King James Bible” by Dr. Laurence M. Vance, to read the other twelve rules.

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