I said: O’ King, if the Apostles did not change it, who did?

The King said: The Mother Church changed the Sabbath in the third century, it believed it had the authority to change laws and seasons (feasts) because Christ said whatsoever we bind on Earth will be bound in heaven, and whatsoever we loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven. Therefore, the Church loosed us from the Sabbath (Saturday) and bound us to Sunday; it loosed us from the feast of Passover and bound us to Easter as well.

I said: What was their purpose for changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday and Passover to Easter?

The King said: It was the great compromise. The Pagans were coming into the church by the thousands but they did not want to give up their customs. Therefore, the Church (for the sake of the money, of course), mixed God’s Holydays with Pagan customs. God’s Sabbath, the seventh day, the day that God commanded to be a day of rest for his people, the church changed to Sunday. Sunday being the day that the pagan Gentiles were accustomed to worshiping the sun gods.

I said: O’ King, your translation says Christ rose from the grave on “the first day of the week,” does that phrase mean Sunday, and did Christ rise from the dead on Sunday?

The King said: No, my son, the phrase “the first day of the week” does not mean Sunday. Furthermore, Christ did not rise from the dead on Sunday. My translators and I did not understand this until we were almost finished translating the scriptures. Not that it would have made any difference, we had our customs with which to be concerned.

I said: O’ King, I have long suspected that Christ rose on the Sabbath.

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