I said: Thank you my King for asking. I found the mistake one day as I was studying the book of Hebrews. I noticed in Hebrews 1:4, where your version stated that God made Christ “better than the angels.” Then in chapter two of your version, you said God made Christ “a little lower than the angels.” O’ King, which is it, did he make him better than, or inferior to the angels?

However, I was determined to find the reason for the two conflicting statements. I looked up the word angel in the Hebrew section of my red back concordance. Following the long list down until I found the phrase “a little lower than the angels,” right away, I noticed something amidst; the Strong’s number for “angel” was #430. I already knew #430 was “Eloheem” the same word that was translated “God” in the very first verse of the Bible, where it is written, “In the beginning, God (Eloheem) created the heaven and the earth.”

At that point, I suspected that my King had mistranslated that verse. Forgive me O’ King, are you sure there are not more places in your translation that have similar concerns?

The King said: Yes, I am afraid there are many places where I wish we had done a better job. You see we had certain Church customs that were over a thousand years old, so we made some rules for the translators to follow. I made these rules so that our new version would not change our Church customs.

I said: with all do respect O’ King, why would you take on the job of translating the scriptures if you were going to twist them to fit your old customs. Are you sure you have not put “the doctrines of men” before the doctrines of God?

The King said: Come now my poor subject, don’t get yourself all worked up over such trivial things, Do you not know it would have been political suicide for your King had he tried to change the customs of the land?

I said: With all do respect my King, surely my King does understand that hundreds of thousands of people have believed a lie and went to their destruction because you twisted the scriptures.

The King said: But nay my good man, I say they believed the lie because they love their customs more than the truth. In them is fulfilled the saying, “By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive” Did Christ not teach in parables for this same purpose? Did he not also say, “Cast not your pearls before the swine?” I say the truth is wide open for all to see. If they wanted to see, they could. Furthermore, you are my witness to that fact.

I said: Thank you O’ King, but what do you mean, I am your witness?

The King said: My good man it is simply this, you found the truth! At my judgment, my defense will be this, all that had a heart for the truth found it, and I will call you as one of my witnesses.

I said: Thank you my King, I will be honored to be your witness, for its true what you said about the truth being wide open for all to see. Now if it pleases my King once more, I would like to discuss with you the issue of keeping Sunday instead of the Seventh day.

The King said: I was afraid that subject might come up. I have a feeling that you may be planning to ask me some hard questions. Nevertheless, I will answer them as embarrassing as it may be. Take your leave my son and speak freely without fear of any harm from your King.

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