I said: Oh yes my King, but that just opened up more thoughts, may I ask a question that is not on the list I gave you?

The King said: Take your liberty, my son, ask away as you can see the confusion is not on my part.

I said: Thank you O’ King, in Hebrews 1:4, it says, “Being made so much better than the “angels”, as he hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.”

My question O’ King is, who is the Bible speaking of that was made better, and who were the angels?

The King said: My dear poor confused subject, the answer to the first part of your question is Christ. God made Christ much better than the old Levitical priests, who served in the earthly temple! The book of Hebrews compares the Levitical priests and the old priesthood system to the New Priesthood of Christ. The word “angel” here does not refer to any heavenly being but to the old priests. The second part of your question is obvious; the angels were the old Levitical priests.

I said: Excuse me, O’ King; but you look as if you wanted to add something to what you just said.

The King said: Yes, I was going to say that in chapter two where we used the word angel we should have used a different word there.

I said: Which verse would that be, and what word should you have used?

The King said: I am a little embarrassed over this but we made a small mistake.

I said: O’ King what do you mean you made a small mistake, is your translation not infallible?

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