I said: O’ King, the past three days have certainly been captivating; do you think that anyone will believe any of what we have uncovered?

The King said: My son our Lord has said that there would only be a few saved. In the Greek, that means a puny number. No my son, it is sad but true, not many will be saved. However, there will be many redeemed.

I said: O’ King, what is the difference between being saved and being redeemed?

The King said: My son, we are near the end of the third day and I must attend to some other things that are pressing me. If I may make a suggestion, I would suggest that you take a few days and ponder the things that we have talked about and perhaps write them down. Follow my instructions that I have given you on how to study the scriptures. Look up all the verses that have anything to do with being saved and being redeemed, compare the two, then come back in a few weeks and we will discuss what you have found.

I said: O’ King, I will gladly follow your advice and do the things that you have suggested. Because I certainly would like to come into your presence again sometime and talk to you about walking in the blessings of God, I have read that you O’ King did not walk in God’s blessings but in his curses. Is this true?

The King said: That is true my son, I was a very sick man for the most of my life, and died many years before I should because I was deceived. Yes, I believe I can now show you how to walk in the blessings of God and have a long and healthy life if that is your desire and it should be. However, now I must attend to my other duties, think you for stopping in and I look forward to talking to you in the near future. Until we meet again, may God bless you with all his spiritual blessings and his natural blessings as well!

I said: Thank you O’ King, for your time and the wonderful truths of God that you have shared with me. I really hate to say goodbye right now, but like you, I have things to do as well. May the Lord have mercy on your soul and redeem you for his own and for his glory.

My friends the above is just some of the things that The King and I have uncovered over the years. Perhaps he and I will get together soon and discuss some more wonderful truths that we may find in the scriptures and pass them on to you? Until then, may God bless you?

Maynard Mayton

March, 7 2008

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