The King said: Yes! God changed or canceled the earthly priesthood and the earthly temple and established in their place a heavenly priesthood and a heavenly temple.

I said: O’ King, if the priesthood was the “Law” that was done away with why was it made of “necessity a change also of the law.” That makes no sense.

The King said: Well my son this is one of those times that Old English gets in the way. Here is what it means, in order to change the earthly priesthood and earthly temple (law), it became necessary to change the law (rule) that said the priest must come from Levi.”

I said: O’ King, I see it, I see it, the rules of the Levitical priesthood said that all the priests must come from the tribe of Levi because that was a covenant between God and Aaron. Therefore, God had to change this rule (law) before he could make Christ the New High Priest, because Christ came from the tribe of Judah.

The King said: Yes, you have done well; Christ was from the tribe of Judah therefore ineligible to be a priest. However, God made Christ both King and Priest. He is our King, our redeemer, our New High Priest, and the New Mediator of the Covenants, who mediates from Heaven. The next thing I would like for you to do is turn in your Greek and English Interlinear New Testament to Hebrews 9:6; tell me what it says when you get there.

I said: O’ King, it says in the literal Greek, speaking of Christ, “he a better he is agreement mediator.” That seems a little backwards O’ King, but I believe it puts the emphasis on Christ rather than on the covenant. Now, in your translation it says, “Christ is a mediator of a better Covenant” putting the emphasis on the covenant. O’ King when we compare the Greek text to your translation, I cannot help but think that you twisted the Scriptures here to make it sound like we have a New Covenant with God, when in reality we have New Mediator of the covenants. Am I right?

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