The King said: Come now my dear confused subject, which part of my translation do you think contradicts its self? Nevertheless, it is written, “come and let us reason together says the Lord.” Therefore, since I am your Lord and master, come let us reason together, I will give my poor subject my undivided attention. Ask any question you like, although I am sure it’s just a simple misunderstanding on your part.

I said: I agree O’ King; it would be very unfortunate for the King to mistranslate any part of the scriptures.

If it pleases the King, his humble servant wishes to begin with some simple scriptures that he is having trouble understanding. O’ King how is it that ““All thingsAll things: Strong’s #3956 translates as “all” 748 times, “all men” 41 times, “whosoever” 31 times. (This word was translated “whosoever” in John 3:16) work together for my good,” Romans 8:28. I mean, with all the tornados, hurricanes, and school shootings and crime in the world and things like that happening so often? How is it possible that these things work to a Christian’s good?

The King said: My dear confused man, it is just as I thought, you have misunderstood Romans 8:28. You do have a dictionary, do you not?

I said: I have a copy of Webster’s 1828 edition.

The King said: Good, that is the best one; it is the one closest to the era when I translated my Bible. Look up the word “Thing,” and tell me what it says.

I said: The word thing according to Webster means, any living creature, including a man or women. “A Living creature: a person or animal, often spoken of affectionately.” It gives this example, “The poor thing was soaked to the bone.”

The King said: There you see, old confused man, Romans 8:28 simply means, all men (things) who love God are willing to work together, that is, as a team to do the good will of God. Just as I, the King have agreed to work with you for the good of all who might read this website, because we both love God, do we not? II Corinthians 6:1 agrees with Romans 8:28, where it states, we are workers together with Christ. In fact, the Greek word “sunergeo,” which is translated “work together” in Romans 8:28 is translated “workers together” in II Corinthians 6:1. You see the Body of Christ is ONE, one body, one spirit working together to accomplish God’s will.

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