The King said: That is wise my son. Here you dig, only I will show you where. The thing that was done away with; had to be given to Moses and it had to be given to him on Mt. Sinai. Therefore, we must find something given on Mt. Sinai besides the covenant, something that had authority over the children of Israel, something that could punish the people when they broke the covenant. What in your country has the authority to enforce the contracts among your people?

I said: Our state and federal laws.

The King said: That is correct, so what else was given at Mt. Sinai besides the Covenant with the Ten Commandments?

I said: O’ King, I remember reading in the book of Exodus where God called Moses up to Mt. Sinai, several times. The first six times God gave Moses the Covenant with the Ten Commandments. Moses wrote the words of this covenant in a book and read it to the people. Moses then sprinkled the people and the book with blood; this authorized the covenant between God and the Children of Israel. After this, God called Moses back to Mt. Sinai and gave him the rules of the Livitical Priesthood and instructions of how to build the tabernacle.

The King said: Good, that’s good my son, now listen to my question; if two parties made a covenant with each other and one of those parties had a “sin nature” what would be necessary to keep them in a covenant relationship?

I said: Well, now, O’ King, that is a good question, I never thought about needing something to keep the two parties in a covenant relationship. However, that is what Christ does; he is the mediator between God and me, and of course, everyone else on the earth. You are right O’ King; God did need a Law to enforce the rules of his Covenant. The Levitical priesthood was given on Mt. Sinai shortly after God made a covenant with the children of Israel, it must have been the thing that was done away with when Christ was made our new High Priest?

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