The King said: Now my son, do you think that the prophets have any of the above qualities? I say prophets, because those that say the law was do away with declare all the Old Testament annulled, and the prophets are part of the Old Testament.

I said: No O’ King, a prophet is someone who interprets divine will. They simply pass on the will of a deity, or tell the future of a nation or a person. Prophets do not enforce laws; therefore, the Prophets were not done away with.

The King said: Very good my son, what do you think about the “Covenant?” Does it have all of the above qualities?

I said: O’ King, it says here in the dictionary that a covenant is a solemn agreement that is binding on all parties. It is a formal and legally binding agreement or contract such as a lease, or one of the clauses in an agreement of this kind. O’ King, a covenant itself is not a law, but it is a lawful document. Therefore, all the Covenants, which God made with us is still binding and said to be everlasting. This includes the Covenant that contains the Ten Commandants, which God gave Moses on Mt. Sinai. Therefore, this Covenant was not done away with.

The King said: Very good my son, but if the prophets and the covenant of Moses were not done away with, what was?

I said: Do you know O’ King?

The King said: Yes, my son, I know, but when I translated my Bible, I did not know. Listen to me and I will lead you to the truth, but I insist on you doing the work. For God will not hear hearsay! Now we can rule out the covenants, the prophets, and the psalms, for the psalms are poems and hymns to God, and have none of the above qualities and are a part of the Old Testament as well.

I said: O’ wise King, you are so right, forgive me for being lazy; I know we must all work out our own salvation! Although sometimes we would rather let someone else do the work for us, and tell us about it in a tape or book

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