I said: O’ King, God gave you the opportunity to correct a great mistake but I believe you deliberately reprinted what you knew to be a lie.

The King said: This is true my son because of what I did I was cast down into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Nevertheless, all of us that have been deceived over the years were deceived because we loved our man made customs more than we do God’s feasts.

I said: O’ King, do you mean to say if a man had a love for the truth and a teachable heart, he could see through the deceptions in your translation and the others as well?

The King said: Yes, my son, all one needs is a humble heart and a teachable spirit, with these two things the Holy Spirit will lead and guide that person into all the truth.

I said: O’ King, now that you have admitted to twisting the scriptures in certain places, how can I believe what you are saying now is true?

The King said: That is a good question my son, I am glad that you asked it. In my time, it was difficult for the average person to search out the truth, but now it is easy. Besides the Greek and English interlinear New Testament, the Strong’s Concordance, and the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary being readily available to anyone who is interested in truth, many Websites have all the information contained in the above books and more at the click of a mouse.

To verify what I have said, I would suggest that you type in the following words in your search engine “Your Online Bible.” Verse search Matthew 28:1; choose my version. Now go to “display options” and choose Strong’s. Now click on the # sign above and to the right of each word or group of words. Now you are all set to witness for yourself what I have said is the truth.

Next, I would suggest you go to The Authorized King James Version and read all about what history has said of me, be sure to read between the lines, for most writers of history have made to much of me and my translation. Once you get better acquainted with my translation, you may not be afraid to question it, and if you question it, you will surely find the truth and become more familiar with God.

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