I said: O’ King, I can see the two Sabbaths plainly enough, but why did you translate the second Sabbath as “first day of the week.”

The King said: Simple, it was politics. My kingdom was a kingdom of Gentiles, and we Gentiles have worshiped on Sunday since the days before Abraham. If I had translated the Bible as those Puritans wanted me to, my kingdom would had perished. As I have already pointed out, the lower classes could not read and write, therefore, it would have been impossible to teach them to worship on the Sabbath. They would have accused me of trying to put them back under the old Jewish Law. Therefore, we concluded the best we could do to keep peace in my kingdom was to let the people worship on Sunday, the day that they were accustomed.

Remember I said I made a rule that we used the Bishops’ Bible as the base text for my Authorized Version. Well, the truth is we simply copied most of the verses from the way they appear in the Bishops Bible, the Bishops Bible was copied from the Catholic Bible, the Catholic Bible was copied from the Latin Vulgate. For reasons before stated, we did not dare to translate the truth of the Greek Manuscripts.

Here is how the scholars and I actually understood the manuscripts to read, “After the “Passover Sabbath” was past and very early in the morning (at sunrise) on the “weekly Sabbath” came the two women to the tomb. Here is what transpired that Passover Week:

Wednesday was the day of Preparation for the Passover, the day they crucified Christ. Thursday was the first day of Passover and the first Sabbath of Passover called the High day. Friday was the second day of Passover and the preparation day for the weekly Sabbath. Saturday was the third day of Passover, the weekly Sabbath, the Day Christ rose from the dead. Christ said repeatedly that he would rise on the third day. He meant the third day of Passover.

The purpose for translating the following verses the way we did is simple. With these changes, we, beginning with the Latin Vulgate translators, moved the Sabbath to Sunday, and changed the Feast of Passover to Easter and deceived the whole world. I was not the man that originally twisted this portion of the scriptures, but I certainly had the opportunity to correct them but failed to do so.

Anyway, this deception is found eight places in my translation, as well as the Bishops Bible and the Catholic Bible. The following is the correct translation of those eight verses.

“In the end of the (after the) Passover Sabbath, as it begins to dawn toward the weekly Sabbath, came Mary…” (Matt. 28:1)

“And very early in the morning on the weekly Sabbath they came to the sepulcher at rising of the sun…” (Mark 16:2)

“Now when Jesus (Yeshua) was risen early on the weekly Sabbath…” (Mark 16:9)

“Now upon the weekly Sabbath, very early in the morning…” (Luke 24:1)

“The weekly Sabbath cometh Mary Magdalene early…” (John 20:1)

“Then the same day at evening, being the weekly Sabbath, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled…” (John 20:19)

“And upon the “last Passover Sabbath,” when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached to them, ready to depart on the morrow; and continued his speech until midnight.” (Acts 20:7)

“Upon the Passover Sabbath let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there are no gatherings (collecting of money) when I come…” (I Cor. 16:2)

Each place in my translation where we use the phrase “first day of week” it always refers to the week of Passover. The first day of the feast of Passover is a Sabbath rest, the last day of the feast is a Sabbath rest, and the weekly Sabbath comes in between the two Passover Sabbaths. Do you remember when you gave your argument against the changing of the Sabbath; you know where the Gentiles asked Paul to preach to them on the next Sabbath? Well the next Sabbath was not a week away, but was a weekly Sabbath that followed that particular Passover Sabbath. The weekly Sabbath could have been only two days away or four days away depending on what day of the week Passover came on.

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