Now early in the morning of the second day, as I entered the King’s chambers, I said to him: top of the morning to you O’ King, did you sleep well?

The King said: The rest of the day to you my son, thank you for asking, I did sleep well, the best I have slept in a long time. I feel much better this morning after confessing some of my sins.

I said: O’ King do you mean there are more sins that you wish to confess? If I may add, it is a good thing to confess one’s sin, but it is a far better thing to repent (change ways) all together. For it is written, “Sacrifice and offerings for sin I had no pleasure in, but obedience is well pleasing to the Lord.”

The King said: Yes my son, I am afraid there are more. Now what questions did you have for your King today? Oh yes, I see on your list something about the word “world;” what is it that you want to know about this word?

I said: Thanks O’ King, yes I do have concerns about this word. I have this notion, you see, that “world” in the New Testament actual means the Jewish system of government. In fact, I believe it refers to the Levitical Priesthood with all its works, rules, laws, and regulations. Is this the way you understand it O’ King?

The King said: Yes, you are correct, but it all depends on which one of the three Greek words that is translated world. If we translated “world” from the Greek word “Cosmos,” then it refers to the “Levicital Priesthood.” Look up “cosmos” in the Dictionary and in the Strong’s Concordance, each defines it as an “ordered system.” I believed we both might agree that the earthly priesthood was a system ordered by God.

Turn in my Authorized Version to the gospel of John, seventeenth chapter, read the entire chapter. You will find the word, “world” in that one chapter translated from “cosmos” over twenty times. As you read the text the second time, change the word “world” to “system,” or old priesthood, or earthly priesthood. Now my son, what do you think?

I said: O’ King those are the very scriptures that I read a few years back, which made me believe that the word world, meant the old priesthood. We use that word today in many respects, as in the phrases, “the sports world,” “the racing world,” and “the business world.”

The King said: That is right my son, it means a “system” if it is translated from the Greek word “cosmos.” However, you must use a concordance to be sure which Greek word any particular English word was translated.

I said: Let not the King be angry with his servant, but the King mentioned earlier that Christ rose on Saturday, and not Sunday, would the King mind to expound on that?

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