The King said: True, but that was a different time and place. As I said, we were just emerging from "The Dark Ages". If we were to allow those peasants to own Bibles, they might learn how to read and become ungovernable. Who knows they might start using reason or common sense and that certainly would not be a good thing for the Crown. Educated people have always been a problem for the Crown.

One way America kept slavery as long as she did, she refused to let the slaves learn to read and write. In order to control people you must keep them ignorant. The church knows ignorant people are controllable; it is also well aware that the truth will set you free.

The Puritans, forgive me my son but every time I think of that group of people I get angry, they were a well-educated people who thought that everyone should learn to read and write, even the peasants. First thing they did when they went to the New World was to pass foolish laws that outlawed Christmas and Easter, customs that we had been keeping for over a thousand years! The second thing they did was build schools! They said it was the profession of that Old Deceiver Satan to keep men ignorant. They said cursed is all learning except the Bible. Imagine that, going to school and studying only the Bible! It was only fifteen years after the first Puritans landed in the New World that John Harvard begin work on his College; He said he wanted to teach the people how to read the Bible so they could not be deceived.

I said: Forgive me O’ king, but did you not tell me earlier that the Church is one body and that Christ died for all of us, even those people you call peasants? Did you not tell me that all people of all races that love God work together for the good of all?

O’ King, did Christ not set in his Church Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, and Teachers for “The perfecting of the saints?” To ministry to, and to edify (educate) the body of Christ until we all come into the unity of the faith (obedience), by the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12-13).

O’ King, it seems to me that one of the tools that God uses to perfect his people is knowledge. Did he not give the Proverbs to the simple to make them wise, and to the wise to make them wiser?

It also seems to me, but I am just using reason of course, that the purpose of the Church is to educate its people in the scriptures, and not to hinder them in any way. Two things the Church should do, in my opinion, first, make sure a copy of the scriptures is available to each member in their own language. Not to outlaw the Bible like you did O’ King. Second, teach each member how to use a Hebrew and Greek concordance, and a dictionary. This is the only way to bring the Church “into unity and the knowledge of the Son of God, into a perfect man.” Do you not agree O, king?

The King said: O yes, my son, you are right. Those are very good ideas you have there, they are sound, as well as Biblical.

I said: O’ King if my ideals are sound and Biblical, why did you and your church forbid the common person from owning or reading the Bible?

The King said: I believe I have already answered that question. Besides, it is getting kind of late in the day and I did have other appointments. I have answered all your questions, have I not?

I said: If it pleases my King, there was one other question that we did not cover. However, I am sure it can wait until tomorrow. May we get together again tomorrow?

The King said: Yes my good subject, would break of day be all right. Oh by the way, you will need to bring with you tomorrow three other books besides your King James Bible. Bring a Greek and English interlinear New Testament, a Strong’s Concordance, and a Webster’s Dictionary, preferable the 1828 edition. You see I am trying to make amends for withholding the scriptures from the people.

I said: That is good O’ King, I will see you tomorrow, at the rising of the Sun.

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